Theme installation


For your convenience, there is a free Installation service.

You can also install your Zendesk help center custom theme by yourself if you like. It is rather simple. Use the following instructions.

  1. In Guide, click on the Customize design icon in the sidebar.

    The Theming Center page opens.

  2. Click the Add new theme in the upper-right corner.

  3. Click Import theme.

    Find and select your theme file.

    The theme is imported and appears on your Themes page.

  4. Click the Customize button on the theme you would like to preview.

  5. Click the Help Center link at the top bar panel to test the new theme with your real content in preview mode.

    Your Help Center visitors see the previous theme since the new one is not published yet.

    • You can preview what different pages look like if you choose the corresponding page in the Templates menu.
    • You can also test the theme as an end-user, anonymous, or agent by clicking the Preview role menu at the top bar panel and selecting the corresponding role.

  6. Publish the theme. When you're ready to implement the changes, go back to Guide admin.

    Click the Settings icon on the theme image and select the Set as live theme option. Confirm this action.


    You may not see the Submit a request button because you are logged in as the agent. You can view the theme as an end-user or anonymous if you select the corresponding option in the Preview role dropdown.

    Alternatively, you can enable access request forms for your agents. 



    If you want to embed videos or use article formatting components, you must allow unsafe content within your Zendesk Guide settings.

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