You can use a built-in WYSIWYG editor to change the text style:


Or you can change the source code:

This is italic font-style

<p><em>This is italic font-style</em></p>

This is bold font-style

<p><strong>This is bold font-style</strong></p>

This is your underlined text

<p><span class="wysiwyg-underline">This is your underlined text</span></p>

This text is deleted

<p>This text is <del>deleted</del></p>

This is an important marked text

<p>This is <span class="text-primary">an important marked text</span></p>

This is an important blue text

<p>This is <span class="text-info">an important blue text</span></p>

This is an important yellow text

<p>This is <span class="text-warning">an important yellow text</span></p>

This is an important red text

<p>This is <span class="text-danger">an important red text</span></p>
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