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All Zendesk Guide users have the option of using a ready-made template or building their help center from scratch. There is a long-held belief that website templates have disadvantages compared to custom-built designs. However, the situation is different if we talk about design for specific software like Zendesk Guide. High-quality Zendesk themes can rival some custom-built help centers and design from the ground up seems like reinventing the wheel. 


The installation of Zendesk templates takes only a few minutes. Customization is also fast because of the streamlined processes, whereas starting a help center from scratch takes typically 6-8 weeks. As a result, you launch your help center more quickly and concentrate your attention on running your business. 


Templates have a more affordable price, whereas building a help center from the ground up costs thousands of dollars as you need to hire a designer and a developer. Meanwhile, high-quality Zendesk themes are just $300-$600. They were created by professional designers who chose the best combination of styles and unique features to help you create a beautiful and professional-looking help center. 


With templates, you can check the quality and appearance before the purchase. You can do it by testing demo versions of themes for Zendesk Guide. However, if you decide to create a help center from scratch, you’ll see the first results only after the payment. 

Moreover, templates allow you to make the right decisions since the basis for your help center is ready to use, and it features the latest UI and UX trends. Customization is straightforward: change the branding elements and see what else is worth editing in the preview mode. It’s primarily a lifesaver for those not proficient in web design and development.

Expert assistance

Template vendors that specialize in Zendesk Guide design are experts in both help center functionality and web design. For instance, Lotus Themes can help you with professional recommendations on how to make your Guide professional-looking and easy to navigate and at the same time, avoid design flaws. 

Complex features

There are limitations on the options if we talk about website templates as it’s hard for vendors to take into consideration all functions possible. However, Zendesk help center isn’t a typical website, and it has specific functionality. So it gets easier to create Guide themes within this frame. 

High-quality templates are designed exclusively for Zendesk and take into account all its functions. It means you can change your help center’s appearance and functionality easily. If you can’t modify anything, it means either it’s a low-quality Guide theme, or Zendesk restricts this customization.  

Unique design

Each of our Zendesk templates has its color and style options, and it’s easy to brand and customize. It means you can change colors, fonts, and icons, and add or remove various design elements according to your needs. You can make these changes by yourself as we grant you access to the code or reach out to us. Even if you want a bespoke custom help center and have your design in mind, we’ll create it for you and adapt to Zendesk Guide, with one of our themes as a basis. 

Load speed

Lots of built-in features in website themes may impact load speed and slow down performance. However, our Zendesk templates are built around Guide functionality and popular customer needs. Our developers check the load speed of each theme regularly, and you can be sure of its high performance.

Responsive design

Not all Zendesk templates work on all devices and browsers well because some vendors don’t have the resources for development and testing. The best thing for you is to test the demo on different devices before the purchase. 

All our Zendesk Guide themes are tested to the hilt, and you can check out their responsive design by viewing our demos. 

Constant growth

Your help center will grow with your business since you can make changes at any stage. For instance, you can start with a Zendesk theme and Starter customization package and add other customizations after a few months. Code from Lotus Themes is created with constant growth in mind and allows you to make changes when the need arises. 


Our support agents are available to you before, during, and after the purchase. We have customers who come back to us after a year or two, and we’re always happy to see them and revamp their help centers. No matter if it is a small question or a design refresh, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. 

No matter what option you choose, it’s essential to do your research and select a high-quality Zendesk template and a reliable contractor. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a help center that fails to support all Zendesk functions, has bugs, limited customization, and a terrible user experience. 

If you trust your Zendesk help center to Lotus Themes, your users will be happy to utilize your self-service instead of submitting tickets or leaving the website. 

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