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Our Branding service is the fastest and cost-saving way to make your Help Center look like a part of your main website. Explore some details below.

What is included?

The offer includes the standard list of basic changes: we can change the colors of Help Center elements, use your corporate font and logo, change the hero image and custom icons.

You just need to provide us with the colors, fonts, and images that you would like to use. We can use your company brand book if you have one, or we can take colors and images from your main website.

If you need extensive changes, we can help you with our Customization service.

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What is not included?

Layout changes and any other customizations out of the standard branding list are not included.

If you need profound changes, we can offer the Customization service.

How much will it cost?

Take a look at our Product page to learn about pricing information.

How long will it take?

The entire Branding process takes around 1–5 working days. We will create a demo Help Center where you will be able to check all the changes made. Then we can install the modified theme to your Help Center (free of charge).

How are the changes deployed?

After you’ve made the purchase, you should send us your branding information. You receive all the details in the confirmation email.

After we get your brand assets, we create a demo Help Center, where you can check all the changes made. Afterward, we install the chosen theme on your Help Center where you can test everything with your real content in a preview mode. You check the changes and publish everything when you are ready. The changes are published immediately.

Can it be purchased later?

No problem in buying it later as a separate order. You can do it whenever you want.

Branding examples

We have hundreds of customers who chose our Branding services. We would like to show how it worked with some of them. Please check out the examples below.



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