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Explore the Lotus Themes world, learn more about us, our products, our services and our themesā€™ great potential.

Ā  About us

Lotus Themes is your destination for well-developed themes for your Zendesk Guide Help Center and all related services. We sell our templates as digital downloads.Ā Within a short time, Lotus Themes has become a leader in outstanding templates creation, Zendesk branding and customization. We are trusted by big and successful companies such as Dropbox, SimilarWeb, Booking.com, Imgur, Deloitte, JetBrains, Lumo and OneTwoTrip.

Lotus Themes company is a Zendesk certified partnerĀ 

Weā€™re proud to be an official Zendesk partner and strive to make customer relationships even better!


Ā  Our themes

All of our themes are responsive, and are designed to work seamlessly on both fullscreen and portable devices. They are created using the most modern technologies. All the original features and tools of Zendesk are available and fully supported in our themes.Ā Moreover, we provide an extra library to extend the Knowledge Base and Community with some cool visual components and features.

All templates we offer are provided with editable sources files and can be customized according to your needs. As long as youā€™re the owner of Help Center, templates can be used without any time limit.Ā Read what you can and what you can not do with the themes?

Ā  Our services

We provide our customers with all related services such as Installation, Branding, Customization, etc.

InstallationBrandingCustomizationOther services

If you would like, you can install your theme on your own.

However, if you prefer not to spend time installing your theme, we can do this for you. You will need to provide us with temporary admin access to carry out the installation.

Installation service FAQ

After the job is done, we create a demo Help Center where you can check all the changes made. Afterward, we install the modified theme on your Zendesk Guide Help Center where everything can be tested again but with the real content in the preview mode. Only after that and when you are ready, we publish the final theme.

Ā  Our advantages

  1. The major benefit of purchasing our themes and servicesĀ is the price: you get a high-quality design at a reasonableĀ price. You don't have to hire a web designer, web design studio orĀ specialists who know Zendesk architecture.
  2. The second advantage is the time frame: you get a theme from our catalog immediately after making the payment. If you need branding or customization services, they usually take 2-5 working days. If you hire other teams or specialists without Zendesk expertise, it usually takes anything between five to fifteen working days for a good designer to createĀ web pages of similar quality, and from five to fifteen business days for a good web developer to code them.
  3. Zendesk is our specialty.Ā Thanks toĀ our deep knowledge and expertise, weĀ can guarantee high-quality results faster, cheaper and better than freelancers, web studios or direct competitors.Ā We know every detail of Zendesk, even the smallest ones, and don't miss anything. Moreover, we provide an extra library to extend the Knowledge Base and Community with some cool visual components and features.

Ā  Tip

Take a look at the comparisonĀ tableĀ to get more details.

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